Naomi Star "Sunshine Girl"

The Naomi Star came out with this gem several months ago. It’s got all the classic power pop stylings. Lots of Badfinger influenced greatness here. Every song here is really good. The title song is a bouncy rock gem similar to early Posies. “Just Let Go” is a Beatle-type ballad that has an awesome musical bridge and heavenly “oohs” that deserves much repeats in your ipod. Speaking of Beatles, the Naomi Star do a great job on a cover of “Paperback Writer” as well. “Englighten” channels some classic Pete Ham — you almost expect this song to be a bonus track on Badfinger’s Straight Up. This is a great classic-styled power pop album, that will be appreciated by everyone who reads this blog regularly. “Find my way Home” starts to head into Bread territory and by the end of the CD, it runs out of energy a little, but overall it is a minor flaw. You can get this album at, cdbaby or itunes

2 thoughts to “Naomi Star "Sunshine Girl"”

  1. Wow, I remember Hannah Cranna. I got your CD about 7 years ago. Thanks for the awesome follow-up with your new band.

  2. Hey, thanks for the review! Its nice to read a review that actually nails the influences of this disc. By the way, my old band, Hannah Cranna, was produced by Joey Molland of Badfinger – a great guy! Steve B. – guitar

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