Goodwin "2"

Goodwin is melodic rock at it’s best, and reminds me why I still listen to old Nuno Bettencourt and Extreme CDs. Opening with “Revelation Of Revolution” it’s balls to the wall rock and roll with melodic choruses and massive guitar riffs. And in the break is a lovely “ooh and ahh” harmonic before the axe solo. “Write for You” has a really nice Foo Fighters feel with a great lyrical turn on a weekly love letter campaign. “Grace” starts out as a pretty standard rocker, but ends in a great dramatic epic fashion with an array of chord changes. “Apparently” is a strong uplifting anthemic song that demands to be played loud. It’s my favorite on this album. The constant ringing guitars are ever present here and work well with the Goodwin’s muscular vocals. Another standout is “Two Again” with rush of lead guitar chords and strong drumming that will have you noding your head in time to the beat. An effective effort is also on the song “Red” – the only song that can be called toned-down at all, and we get a great instumental break with a wailing guitar solo that recalls Eddie Van Halen a bit. “Trading Up” is the sole ballad and it showcases the lead vocal prowess and ends the album. No real duds here, as their sound is consistent over the entire album and overall hard rock fans who like melody in the mix (Foo Fighters, Extreme) will really love this. 

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