Charlotte Pop Fest – Sept. 24-27, 2009

This is going to be the biggest power pop show of the year. After last year’s success James Deem has stocked this 2nd annual event with even bigger bands. In fact you will probably not see this many stars in one festival.

The first day, Thursday – The Posies will make a rare concert appearance and only one night. Only 100 tickets will be sold for this intimate performance.

On Friday, The Spongetones will headline, along with Bill Lloyd and others to be announced. The rest of the weekend is chock full: The Singles, The Jellybricks, Myracle Brah (Andy Bopp), Starbelly, Cliff Hillis, Dennis Schocket, Ed James, Barry Holdship, Cool King Chris, gogoPilot, Michael Slawter, Tony Low and many more to be named.

All proceeds from Charlotte Pop Fest benefit The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science.

2 thoughts to “Charlotte Pop Fest – Sept. 24-27, 2009”

  1. Yup, it’s true. James noticed that the religious right drums up tons of cash for “intelligent design” to be promoted against Darwinism, but the other side has no promotion. This was an opportunity to help.

  2. For real? That is the unbelievably best benefit choice I have ever heard. Hats off the Charlotte pop Fest for choosing that – is this a first for music fests, to actually choose “reason” and “science” ?
    In the South, no less!

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