Greg Pope "Pete" EP and interview

Greg Pope had arguably the best power pop album last year with Pop Monster. Well, the follow up is finally here with the “Pete” EP. And like Pop Monster it still has those wonderful layers upon layers of heavy guitar, evidenced by the opener “Fall into Your Arms.” The melodies continue to evoke Badfinger, The Who, Led Zepplin, Guided By Voices and his last band, Edmund’s Crown. With the next song “Help Yourself” it continues the melodic guitar assault. “How Do You Do It” has a 70’s-era bass line mixed with a funky rhythm. The big melodic single “Roll With It” is very much in the Emitt Rhodes mold with a dash of Pope’s multi-layered Beatle touches in the chorus, and even the “Lady Madonna” bassline. “Let it Roll Off” has a gentle country strum and bouncy rhythm. Even the ending track “In My Head” does exactly what the title says, and remains “in your head” long after the song ends with a looping Zepplin riff. I could be picky and mention that the vocals are a bit overshadowed by the guitar work, so figuring out the lyrics aren’t that easy. The fact remains that every song here is simply brilliant and I am ready blast this music on my car stereo this summer. In other words, Pete is most worthy follow up to Pop Monster —  and just as impressive. I don’t really rate EPs in a top ten at the end of the year, but I’m ready to declare this the best EP I’ve heard so far.

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I decided to strike while the EP was hot off the presses and interview Greg about his solo career and the future of Edmunds Crown. Read the interview here or click the Artists Interviews button on the right.

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