Coby Brown and Adam Bones

Coby Brown “Stars & Curses”
While going through a cancer treatment Los Angeles singer-songwriter Coby Brown has been writing and recording these songs, which are full of melody on the opener “Daylight” but knowing his situation songs like “Madman” resonate with great lines like “Standing at the water’s edge/ landing on a window ledge/ I’m looking for some way to get back in.” But rather than get all depressing, Brown’s theme is a stubborn hope wrapped in a soulful indie shell. Songs are sparsely arranged, and thus more powerful. “Run Like I’m A River” is both catchy and mellow, this will appeal to fans of Josh Rouse, David Mead or Ryan Adams. The most pessimism here is the piano riff “Drop Down Dead” with it’s Lennon meets David Essex (“Rock On”) defiant rant about being in the hospital. Nothing here is fast tempo, but each song here is powerful, “Rise and Fall” being a Bono-like ballad that sounds a triumphant chorus of “up from the ashes..”. The album is a worthy and powerful statement, almost a religious experience without the religion.

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Adam Bones “Feel For Tomorrow” EP
LA based rocker Adam Bones is traditional power pop artists with modern flair and youthful style. Fans of Bleu, Jet and Ok Go will find his debut EP fresh and compelling. His band has opened for several power pop groups including The Wellingtons, The Click Five and Bleu. Opening with the energetic “I Had You” he vocally reminds me of Elvis Presley’s rich baritone, and combined with those melodic guitar riffs, it’s a winner. He recently finished IPO in LA and after the country-pop of “Shouldn’t Love” I’m sure it was a great show. The gentle ballad “Feel For Tomorrow” is a deceptively simple, but an effective song that builds into an arena rock anthem styled after The Who. The buzzing hooks in “How Hard I Needed You” is another keeper along the lines of Lenny Kravitz, and I can’t wait for the full length album already. If you’re looking for a future power pop star — here he is.

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