James Henry "Overspill"

James Henry is a Liverpool born vocalist, guitarist and songwriter who is produces gentle adult pop on his own label. If James Taylor and Glen Tilbrook (Squeeze) ever had a baby, James Henry would be the result. He favors clean guitar arpeggios and with his lone vocal on all the songs. “Milsom Heights” is a crisp single with a little bit of everything (harmonies, hand claps, solo break) wrapped in a catchy package. The following songs are all gentle melodies that recall Taylor or Cat Stevens, like on “Overspill” or “I’d Be All Over That.” But all of this pales before the XTC goodness of “The Sun Is Cracking The Flags.” This is one of the best singles I’ve heard this year, with a chorus that won’t leave your head. He dabbles in some eastern European rhythms with “A Bus That Never Comes” and “Industrial Injury.” There is no doubt as to James talent, as his harmonies float on a cloud and his guitar playing anchors each melody. The album is due out May 17th, although you can get a download of  “The Sun Is Cracking The Flags” here. His last album, “Sweetner” is available on Amazon.