Timmy Sean "Songs From & Inspired By Noisewater"

After logging time in with his band Luzer, Timmy has spent the past four years developing this solo album (and growing a beard). In the tradition of pop impresarios like Todd Rundgren or more recently Paul Steel, Timmy  performs nearly every instrument and dabbles in virtually all his childhood influences here. Bookended by an instrumental overture and reprise it has a grandiose scope that touches on McCartney, Brain Wilson, ELO and Queen it certainly sets up your expectations. “Girl From Omaha” carries through it’s promises with a hook-filled chorus and richly textured composition. Another brilliant track is the McCartney-Wings era piano of “If Your Mother Has Her Way” full of horn flourishes and multi-tracked harmonies.

Timmy’s vocals sometimes feel lost in all the instrumental richness, but it’s best displayed on the ballad “There’s No Other Way” which actually reminds me of Extreme’s “More Than Words” a little. And Jeff Lynne fans will flip for “Wait” with it’s orchestral synth bending chords and dramatic chorus. Every track has a detailed and compelling melody from beginning to end. Overall, a brilliant debut that could be a soundtrack to a imaginary musical.  Get a the “Noisewater Overture” FREE here and judge for yourself.