Book Review: John Lennon – Life is What Happens

John Lennon – Life is What Happens
 By John Borack
With the 70th birthday of John Lennon, this timely book tracks his legacy of music, art and activism in an exciting and memorable way, with more than 400 photographs, including many rarely seen in print before. The book is wonderfully designed with plenty of quotes from famous rock and rollers and life-long Lennon fans. I’ve read many, many Beatle books and the style and format of this one makes it a unique combination of biography, critical commentary and memorabilia catalog all in one. And because the focus is on John, we find many great post-Beatle photos, posters, sketches and rare letters by him in full color (most items have an auction price listed too).

Lots of credit goes to John Borack, who vividly recalls his Lennon obsession and has painstakingly gathered all the quotes and photos together. I highly recommend this book to even the casual fan, and if you want your kids to know who John was, and why he was so important to generations of people, this is a perfect introduction.

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