The Brigadier and Bryan Estepa

The Brigadier “Holiday Special” EP
Once again Matt Williams returns with his latest seasonal themed EP. “When The Sun Comes Out” is a sweet summer song with jangle filled melody, rock riffs and multi-tracked chorus. Once more Matt’s soft vocal plays to the narrative strengths in “Swansong” with a thick reverb guitar.  On the sparse, but brilliant “A Holiday Romance” it’s both corny and compelling, you picture a resort-romance montage.

“Ogmore-by-Sea” is an jaunty surf-styled guitar tune and “Time To Go Home” wraps up the theme in a neat bow. The subtle orchestral touches make the melody display the dichotomy of wanting to stay on holiday and being drawn home, it plays like a Moody Blues meets Aztec Camera epic. Overall, this Brigadier EP is reliable casual fun.

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Bryan Estepa “Vessels”
Sydney singer-songwriter Bryan Estepa grows up here, and has moved fully into solid adult pop bliss. The wonderful pop hooks and solid song craft are evidenced in the opener “Won’t Let You Down,” with the chorus bridging together complex multiple harmonic lines. The worldly theme and breezy charm here is similar to The Jayhawks and Michael Carpenter on “Hard Habits.” The best track is next, “Tongue Tied” is classic Estepa, full of memorable rhythms and wonderful harmonies.

“Purple Patch” is another standout here, Hammond organ, guitar and vocals combine like a vintage cabernet for the ears. “Alone” is similar to Tom Petty in tempo and feel. When things get serious like on “Pull Ourselves Together” and “Let It Go,” Estepa let’s his soul shine through each verse. The albums second half is decidedly sober with more of an alt-country bend to it.  No matter your mood, Bryan creates an essential music album for your playlist.