Brandon Schott “13 Satellites”

Brandon Scott has grown over the years into a musician with a mastery of conveying emotion through melody and lyric. Through a series of personal challenges his music has been a reflection of those experiences. After the introspective folk balladry of Dandelion, Brandon Schott sounds even better on 13 Satellites. The album opens with the subtle beauty of harmonies against a accordion backdrop in “Annie,” and then the moody, but brilliant “Early Morning Night” not unlike John Lennon or Colin Blunstone, with its atmospheric organ and guitar combo. It’s a shuffling tune that has some very Revolver styled tones, with a sweet key change in the break.

Like Michael Carpenter, Brandon uses percussion as a stark contrast to the somber lyrics in “Full Circle Round.” Comparison to Ben Folds is also clear on the piano compositions like “Flowers Fading” and “A Daydream.” Brandon also uses the harmonies in a similar way, as a subtle fill for each chorus for the best effect. Another highlight is “Satellite” where if the Beach Boys played on Sgt. Pepper it may have sounded something like this. “Exploding Angel” continues that motif, with light carnival styled touches framing the melody. There is no filler, but the album is primarily made up of slow tempo songs and ballads a la Elliot Smith. Overall it’s a wonderful headphones album for the sensitive pop soul that deserves your attention.

3 thoughts to “Brandon Schott “13 Satellites””

  1. It takes a few listens for it to sink in. Like I mentioned in the review, it’s all mostly slow tempo songs. If you wanted something with more pep, go elsewhere.

  2. Wow, this sounds great…

    until you actually hear it, then it one of the most boring things I’ve heard this year. I had it high on my wish list and I’m so disappointed.

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