Dark Ocean Colors and Jenny O.

Dark Ocean Colors “Dark Ocean Colors”
The duo of Scott Hunt and Mark Mikel have worked on many projects together (including The Pillbugs and The Sprags) to create a rich tapestry of psychedelic textures and looping melodies using numerous instruments (guitars, Mellotrons, violins, etc.) and old analog gear to give it an authentic vintage sound. “My Barbara Closed The Doors” gets started right where the Pillbugs left off and it sounds great. “Crashing The Sky” sports a marching beat to the swirling guitars and vocal harmonies. Fans of progressive rock will also love this, as it’s a got a strong instrumentation on “The Other Line” and sunshine pop fans will swoon over “Lazy Lighthouse Jupiter Band” and the baroque “Same Old Mistake.”

This is an album is a real grower for audiophiles that reveals gorgeous musical tidbits with each listen. It did appear on a few “best of” lists for last year for that reason — as even weaker tracks, like “She’s  A Cornucopia” are performed so beautifully, despite the lack of a hook. Best comparison I have is The Olivia Tremor Control’s Dusk At Cubist Castle but with better harmonies. Just listen to the vocals on “Dream Away” and try not to be impressed. This is one great headphones album.

Listen to “My Barbara Closed The Doors”

Jenny O. “Home” EP
Jenny O. reminds me a bit of Anya Marina mixed with Janis Ian, it’s got hints of folk, blues and a very sparse production. Honestly the bass hook and brazen lyrics on “Well OK Honey” just drew me in here and its cool beyond words. “All My Wishes” is a great showcase for Jenny’s melodic vocal and the gentle folk acoustic guitar and steady beat makes “Won’t Let You Leave” another winner.

Another solid melody is on the old piano ballad “I Do I Do” where it builds with double tracked harmonies and tambourines to a complex weave of melodies that would make Brian Wilson proud. I can’t wait till the full length – this EP is highly recommended for sure – also check out the video.

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