Doctor Squid “Doctor Squid Changes the Channel”

Athens, Georgia band Doctor Squid returns with a more measured tone compared to its debut album. The subtle building guitar strums of “Through Your Eyes” come across like a mix of Field Music and Weezer with its upbeat minor chords. The harmonies that open “Regret It and Let It” are similar to The Davenports, with its poppy backing vocals and steady riffs in the chorus. The band has definitely matured here, with more deliberate melodies and well crafted harmonies (like on “As Soon As I Discern” and “Rock Solid”).

The apparent solemn ballad “Come Around” is almost a intermission for the listener between all the heavier, faster tunes. Nothing here is that predictable, and it moves in a slight alternative direction, “To The Snow” changes tempo midway through the song and then switches back. Another approach to the songwriting is starting slow and building to a guitar frenzied chorus. This all makes for totally enjoyable listening, although it wanes toward the albums end with the weary anthem “Through Any Eyes.” It’s just great to find a young band carrying the torch of melodic rock and roll. Enjoy this FREE track “Rock Solid”.