Son of Skooshny and Cheap Perfume

Son of Skooshny “Lovers Leap of Faith”
This is the project of Skooshny founder Mark Breyer and its a pretty good combination of power pop and roots based rock and roll. “Another Time” has a touch of Tom Petty and a terrific buzzing guitar riff. Breyer’s vocal cadence also resembles Petty on the wonderfully written “Candy Air.” The multi-tracked harmony of “The Right Idea” and bass driven “You Can’t Love Me” keeps things on a slow but steady course. The nicely melodic “Science Changes Everyone” picks things up and it’s chorus will be humming in your head. Not everything is as compelling, but it’s not boring either and it occasionally throws us a curve, like the crunchy pysche pop of “Kate’s Green Phone.” No filler here and a very worthy album that rewards the patient listener.

Cheap Perfume “4 By Cheap Perfume” EP
Billed as the first all-female punk band, Cheap Perfume was formed in 1977 by two waitresses working at CBGBs. The girls having boyfriends in the Tuff Darts and The Sorrows, had easy access to equipment and rehearsal time, and they named the band after a Rick Derringer song. They played for many years as a successful opening band at the famous Max’s Kansas City and CBGBs. However not having an album, they were designated as a local sensation and historical footnote. 25 years later the band reunited and plays some of it’s best known work in this EP. Fans of Jana Peri, The Runaways and The Pretenders will love this. Lead guitarist Bunny said ““We believe the spirit of CBGB and the New York punk scene will always live on.” After hearing this, I totally agree.