The World Record and Steve Katz

The World Record “Freeway Special”
After the highly acclaimed Guitars Forever in 2007, songwriter Andy Creighton (Apex Manor, Papercuts) second solo project picks up right where he left off.  After the quick demo-like intro “One Knee” it goes into the title track with Big Star styled guitar chords and a strong horn section. Next we get the subtle lounge tones of “Candy” and the mutli-tracked acoustics and harmony in “A Little More Time.”

There is an element of Andy’s jangley sound that will definitely appeal to fans of Chis Stamey (DB’s) and REM, especially on “Be Nice” and “Cats on The Roof.” Some songs are simple sketches with compelling melodies like “Call The Doctor” and “Stopping Somewhere.” Not everything sticks, but with 18 tracks you can’t go wrong here as most hit the mark. Additional highlights include “Marsha (Think It Over)” and “She’s Not A Liar.”

Steve Katz “Barricades” EP
This is not power pop, but you can’t ignore talent like this. Originally from Belgium, singer/songwriter Steve Katz has made Manhattan his home and produced his debut. It highlights Steve’s strong vocal skills which resembles a mix of Eddie Vedder and Damien Rice on the modern rock opener “Thrive.” He follows this with a simple acoustic ballad “Today I Saw Hope” and title track, but my favorite here is “Fair” because the melody  is memorable and a good match for Steve’s rich vocal performance – kinda reminds me of David Gates and Bread.

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