Biggest Disappointments of 2012

Yeah this post might rile you up. I list and explain my biggest disappointments from some of my favorite musicians.

Jonny Polonsky “Intergalactic Messenger of Divine Light and Love”

OK I get it, the center of the universe is in your crotch – are we overcompensating here? After listening to this mess, I can point out one good tune, “See Your Lies” – but it’s a far cry from 2005 EP There is Something Wrong With You. I miss the old Jonny… this album proves “there is something wrong” with Jonny.

Jeff Lynne “Long Wave”

Sigh. It’s been so long since we heard from Mr. Blue Sky that the anticipation had me salivating.  And we get a cover album. It’s a very good cover album – Don Covay’s “Mercy, Mercy” is pure Wilbury-styled magic and other tracks like “Smile” are just lovely. But can we get some new songs Jeff? I expect this stuff from Brian Wilson – not you.

Paul McCartney “Kisses On The Bottom”

I love Sir Paul, but this just isn’t his style of music. Maybe he just decided to “cash in” on these oldies like Rod Stewart has been making off his great American songbook albums. At least Jeff Lynne made a good covers album, this reduces Paul to a cheap lounge singer. And a boring one at that – kiss my bottom, goo goo gajoob.

Other albums I wasn’t thrilled with this year

10 thoughts to “Biggest Disappointments of 2012”

  1. Jeff Lynne is now preparing another solo album with all new original materials. Eight songs are ready, and other three are to be recorded. Hopefully we can see its release in 2013.

  2. My Two Cents for 2012: I had such high expectations for The Explorer’s Club and Dodgy but confess being underwhelmed. However, Pugwash, Señor Mostaza, The Greatest Liar, WelshMansHill, Two Sheds Jackson, Family of the Year, and Graham Gouldman continually lifted my spirits. Welcome back to The Grapes of Wrath! So long The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, you will be greatly missed. And my favorite song of 2012 was “Caroline” by Bleu.

  3. Im surprised you are even reviewing Jeff Lynne and Paul McCarthey on these sights. feels disrespectful. Taking a shot at Brian Wilson proves to me your opinion just doesn’t matter. But thats just your opnion, and this is just my opinion. So thats that.

  4. Aaron-
    Great blog. Enjoyed your tops of 2012 list. Disagree with you on A.C. Newman. Haven’t made a best of 12 list yet, but “Shut down the Streets” likely ends up in my top 10. I think it’s his best solo album and probably better than the last couple NP albums. You’re right, he is a genius. Give it another chance.

  5. I agree with you re: Jonny’s crotch fascination. But I found Lynne quite enjoyable. And Paulie doing standards in 2012 was no worse than Paulie doing standards in 1964.

    1. Disagree with you on Paul. His old man warble is much worse now than when he did cute stuff like “Honey Pie.”

  6. Jeff Lynne has a load of material coming up in 2012, including a few remasters (with unreleased bonus tracks) and a new album of original material! I agree with you though, Jeff definitely topped Paul McCartney this time.

  7. With all due respect, Aaron, these are pretty easy targets. How ’bout some of the disappointments from indie pop artists?

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