The tour of Ice Station Zebra + a review of our comp!

This is a fascinating tour of Ice Station Zebra, the home of producer, engineer and performer Ducky Carlisle. Filmed with Bleu, Ducky shows us around and mentions some of the great artists he’s worked with, like Mike Viola. Bleu’s next album was on our Help A Musician page (it’s been fully funded) so I expect greatness for the 2013 release.


Shameless Self-Promotion Dept.: A big shout out goes to the blog Pop That Goes Crunch! who was kind enough to review our compilation Power Popaholic Fest Original Soundtrack Vol.1 and mention a few other compilations that are available.

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One Response to “The tour of Ice Station Zebra + a review of our comp!”

  1. Hey Aaron (and readers),

    Thought you might be interested in my Top 10 Albums of 2012 list:

    As always, can’t wait for your year-end wrap-up.