FREE EP Downloads: Sons of Great Dane and The Susan Constant

Sons of Great Dane “You Can’t Lose It All At Once” EP
Sons of Great Dane have been busy since the last time we reviewed them. Consisting of Brent Windler ( Guitar, Vocals), EvanJohn Nash McIntosh (Guitar), Nolle Bond (Bass) and Brendan Culp (Drums) they are producing some excellent music, showcasing both alt. country and power pop.

The opening track “To A City I Have Known” is a solid example of how they build a riff-filled, harmonic gem. Then the laid back “Love, Desire, Failure”shuffles along to the Big Star like chorus and guitar fill between each verse. “Approximately 18th St.” is a stream of consciousness rant that runs out of breath… and starts again. Look for a new full length soon, as this is an excellent appetizer to make you hungry for more.

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The Susan Constant “Shapes” EP
Boston’s The Susan Constant continue to write impressive indie pop, and the new EP Shapes goes the extra mile, drawing from the live shows they are known for – it building excitement with epics like “Draw Us All” or short rocking blasts like “Locked Up.” The sounds are textbook alt. guitar led goodness similar to REM. It ends with “Midwestern You,” a U2 styled arena ballad that builds to a vocal crescendo. And you can’t beat the price.

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