John Amadon and The Records

John Amadon “The Bursting Sheaf”
Portland based guitarist extraordinaire, Amadon gives us a quick reminder on the opening instrumental “Saltwater Crocodile,” so fans of guitar gods (Vai, Satriani, etc.) take note. But this is a minor diversion. “Walking The Shoulder” goes in the opposite direction, with a folk rock strum and an earnest vocal similar to Steve Forbert or Al Stewart.

“Set Stone” follows a similar path, with a delicate piano and guitar melody dripping with defiance, it starts “If I’m going to hell at least its a short march…” The West Coast feel and brilliant bass riffs on “Sisters of the Blue Horizon” bring to mind Thunderclap Newman and makes it one of the best songs here too. So no filler either; each song is well written and contributes to a cohesive whole LP. If this doesn’t make you an Amadon fan I don’t know what will.

The Records featuring John Wicks “Works In Progress”
John Wicks opens up the archives for this this 12-song collection of demos, rare and unreleased recordings from 1982-2012.  This exclusive CD-R from Kool Kat Musik is a must for any  Records fan, and while there aren’t any big hits here, you get some very interesting songs. I loved “Union Jack,” a rocker in the style of The Who, that totally busts on the UK.

Kool Kat Musik exclusive