Livingstone Daisies and Golden Bloom

Livingstone Daisies “Don’t Know What Happiness Is”
Thank you Pop Boomerang Records! The Livingstone Daisies have crafted a record that is authentically Australian yet tips it’s hat in appreciation to bands like Teenage Fanclub, Tom Petty, The Jayhawks, and Big Star.

The superb opener “Wednesday” jangles through with those heavenly harmonies thanks to lead singer/guitarist Van Walker. “Redhead” is another gem that recalls Jeff Lynne magic in the chorus, and Wilburyesque ballad “Safety In Numbness” has Walker gruffly evoke Bob Dylan. “Everything has Got To Go” and “Keep Searching” keep those hooks coming. Each song has a strong melody, with the exception of a morose organ finale “I Still Believe In You,” which improves down the stretch. Overall an exceptional debut.

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Golden Bloom “March To The Drums”
Singer/songwriter Shawn Fogel returns! The light “Rhyme the Reason” flows along at leisurely pace, and a sunnier point of view than Fan The Flames. The best track is the hook filled melody of “You Go On (and On),” it has a bouncy Coldplay-like quality. The second standout is “We Have Grown” with rich harmonies and a majestic anthem that you’ll be humming along to at some point. The music stays in the realm of guitar and keyboard, with some synth noodling here and there. While the EP lists six tracks, three of them are clearly instrumental padding. But those three real songs are pretty impressive. | Amazon | Bandcamp