New Talent: Propeller, Love Messengers, Steelesque

Propeller “Don’t be Sorry Again”
Greg Randall and Will Anderson are Propeller, born from the ashes of Varsity Drag, The Lemonheads and Unbalanced. This is the newest release full of crunchy guitars and dense rock rhythms. “Nothing” has solid hook and hand claps and it will dig its way into your brain. And each tune has the same sweet indie rock quality, so no filler here.

My only pet peeve here is the vocals are a bit buried, almost disappearing into the instrumentation. Best of all this album is a FREE download! Fans of The Replacements, Sugar, Lemonheads, Dinosaur Jr. and Teenage Fanclub will just love this. Highly recommended and you have no excuses!
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Love Messengers “Dogsmile” EP
All the way from Finland comes Rock guitarist-singer Timo “Still Crazy” Pääkkö, eccentric organ-wizard Jussi Reunamäki, bassist Tarmo “Entwhistle of Eurajoki” Lehtonen and drummer Jaakko “Crazy Kid” Kotiniemi. These dudes play straight forward rock and roll with solid skills. “Dogsmile” mixes a soulful organ, guitar and heartfelt vocal. The B-side “Tarkka” has a Beatlesque beat with jangle filled Rickenbacker melody.
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Steelesque “Johnny On The Spot” EP
Pittsburgh musician Rob Eldridge brought this band together, combining many varied influences. It starts rough with the tentative blues rocker “Hooker A” but doesn’t really brings the hooks till “Life Fast Wheel” with a catchy chorus and terrific rhythm work. The plodding “Raven Don’t Mind” reminds me of Blue Oyster Cult, as Eldridge’s effective vocals and lead guitar give the song real life.
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