The Jac and Picture Day

The Jac “Record Store” EP
Just in case you missed out on “Record Store Day” goodies, Joe Algeri (Jack & The Beanstalk, Britannicas) has a gift for you. This is an extended single from the forthcoming album, ‘Whether I’m Arthur or Martha.’ The single is a rocking tribute to the Record Store experience and a great addition to you playlist. Next the punk anthem “F•ck It” is very much in the spirit of The Sex Pistols, and a cover of Neil Young’s “Heart Of Gold” sounds like it could’ve come from Neil’s ill-fated Trans album. Hey this is great free stuff, Joe. Keep it comin’!


Picture Day “Every day is Picture Day” EP
This St.Louis band has clean harmonies and hand claps, very much in the REM meets The Outfield realm – but it doesn’t stay there. “Madoline” is an impressive opener, full of solid rock riffs and “Immaterial” has a bit of a new wave feel, with a nice interplay of guitar rhythms, until it gets to the bombastic overly dramatic chorus. “One of Us” is more of a hard rock song with multi-tracked vocals very much in the style of Foo Fighters – this is well done, but doesn’t feel natural to the band. Then it changes gears again with “Long Division” the EP’s highlight, with jangling guitars and Jordan Ross’ excellent vocals. The issue seems to be a band in between styles, looking for its place but the potential for greatness is easy to hear. Give it a shot.