Willie Wisely says “No more albums”

I have a busy week planned (with IPO NYC coming up any day now) and I get this news from Willie Wisely’s blog basically saying  that albums are “too hulking, too far between, too all consuming” and “the whole thing is too painfully putzy to be enjoyed any longer.” So he’ll be making singles and EPs from now on. While I love a great single, and lots of people cherry pick from an LP – any one who grew up loving the long-play format will loathe its demise.

And while Bob Lefsetz may disagree, in music there is nothing better than listening to a great concept album beginning to end. Think about Dark Side of The Moon or Who’s Next. And while most albums are not worthy of that greatness, I wouldn’t want to discourage artists from trying. It’s like the 5-course prix fixe restaurant going out of business because Chipotle moved next door.

Above is a writing session demo for the first new single, Willie goes back and forth with power-pop favorite, Cliff Hillis.