The Fleeting Ends and The Whims

The Fleeting Ends “Our Eyes Are Peeled”
 Philadelphia band The Fleeting Ends are a solid entry in the power pop genre. They sound like a mix of The Strokes, The Kooks and Rooney, with nods to XTC and Blur in spots.

The impressive opener “Little People” sets the stage, with a fast paced sing along chorus, and then dazzles with the string laden “Operator” throwing out a huge hook in the chorus. Then my favorite, the strutting “Poor Gloria” with both singers, Matt Vantine and Matt Amadio working harmonious magic. “Sing Groupie” is another fun tune, with that infectious riff and harmony combination. And the band keeps the energy going from beginning to end. Highly Recommended.


The Whims “The Whims”
It was nice to hear new power pop talent like the Whims at IPO last week. They put on an energetic set, so I wanted to hear the studio LP debut, and starting with “Over My Shoulder” it has a rough Superdrag-like quality.

Lead guitarist Fletcher Maumus knows his way around a riff and keeps each song grounded with rock solid song structure on “Hard To Believe” and “Pick Me Up.” The strongest melodies appear on the albums first half, with clap along rhythms and sweet harmonies. Although not the most forceful vocalist, Dileepan Ganesan is clear and sincere in his delivery. “Fall Behind” is a mid-tempo song that combines the ambition of the vocals with the riffs in the best way here. Although it eventually runs out of steam, this is a very engaging debut.