Glenn Case “Throw Money”

Glenn Case

Glenn Case is a great example of everything I love about home grown power pop. He’s an artist that just loves creating music, damn the popular trends. He’s been creating tunes for years, toiling away many years and after some Kickstarter funding, we have an albums worth of great songs.

Opening with the fast paced guitar and organ melody of “Bullseye Girl” is very reminiscent of Marc Bacino’s early work. “Glutton” and “OK Cupid” move in seamlessly, and both are deliciously catchy. “Georgia’s Hand” is similar to Toad The Wet Sprocket’s acoustic melodies, and the easy going “Think It Over” is another gem. In fact there are so many great melodies here its hard to single out just one, but “Pencil Me In” (with Craig Northey) is a brilliant one full of awesome hand claps and minor chords with a perfect lyric about insecurity and shyness. Then “Need Stilts” a duet with Rachael Layne gives us a shift in tone and tempo. Glenn also displays some slow slide guitar on “Sister” before the bouncy chorus chimes in.

Each tune stands on its own, with hooks aplenty and it doesn’t lose steam through it’s full length. If you’re gonna “throw money” at a musician, Glenn is one who earns every penny. And it earns a 2013 top ten nomination as well.

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