Adam Marsland “The Owl and The Full Moon”

It’s been a long road for Adam Marsland from the days of punk pop favorite Cockeyed Ghost to his development as a solid session performer and music producer. After a the blue-eyed soul of “Contamination,” he makes the most of his experiences with The Beach Boys, with gentle harmonies throughout the album. The title track mixes that soulful approach with a classic rock melody. One of the best songs here ironically is “No One’s Ever Gonna Hear This Song.” It’s a ballad of anguish and frustration, and it builds layer after layer, and the harmonies are classic.

On his past with Cockeyed Ghost, he reelects “Do you remember the power pop days?” with the song “Power Pop Days.” It’s a cheery and bouncy melody of being “…choked By A skinny tie.” In fact this is the first mature Marsland album without any punk invective, and it suits him well. The baroque “I Wanna Be In Love” is composed like a Left Banke song, and “Happy Face” is another bouncy gem. The self reflection on “To Be Human” and “Song 11” is taken to grand heights with full orchestration similar to Brian Wilson. Highly Recommended.