Summer Goodies from Shake Some Action and more!

Shake Some Action “Wait For The Summer”
You know I almost never review singles, BUT once in a while an exception is made and this song is so good I had to spread it around to all of you.  Fresh off of  Full Fathom Five, James Hall has this kick ass single, that’s only a buck and essential summer listening!


Jose Casas y la Pistola de Papá “Canciones de Kilómetro Cero”
For the Spanish power pop lovers, Jose Casas gives us nice little EP full of power pop covers in español. The EP begins a big way with “Cielo”, an appropriation of the “Heaven” by The Psychedelic Furs,  and continues with the awesome “No Quiero Ilusionarme, ” a bright and luminous adaptation of a song by The Red Button. La Pistola de Papa also do a tribute to Jason Falkner (The Three O’Clock and Jellyfish), transforming “Miss Understanding” into “Que Parezca un Accidente.”

Best of all, es gratis, sin dinero necesario!

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  1. Great single! But what about the new Parthenon Huxley album? That one’s great for summer!

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