Free Music Monday: Mooner, Prevrat and Andy Klingensmith

Mooner “Making Americans”
Mooner has a new single and b-side, recorded as a quick follow up to the Unpronounceable Name EP from last year. You just gotta love that opening with a multi-tracked guitar riff. Enjoy!

Prevrat “Symbols”

This a bit off the genre path; its a mix of ambient psychedelics and I like the trippy jangle rhythms of “I You Two” and the industrial-techno guitar on “Safe Distance.” The highlight for me is the mix of acoustic and electrics on “Abandoned.” The vocals kinda get drowned out and at times you’ll wanna skip a track or two, but overall a worthy freebie.


Andy Klingensmith “Pictures Of”
Son of Futureman Records producer Keith Klingensmith, Andy takes a lighter approach towards ambient chamber pop, with light indie harmonies in the style of The Free Design or The Sea and Cake. A very engaging debut.


Keith Klingensmith and the TM Collective “Volume 2”
Well let’s not forget about Keith’s own covers series with the TM Collective. Gotta love the note-by-note perfection on The Who’s “Kids are Alright” and Davies’ “Waterloo Sunset.” They also know how to rock out, hear The Soft Boys cover of “I Wanna Destroy You.” Thanks for the goodies Keith!