The Very Most and Adam Daniel

The Very Most “Just A Pup” EP
The Very Most are an indie band from Idaho, clearly influenced by both The Beach Boys and Belle & Sebastian. The use of tinkling percussion and vocal harmonies create a delicate arrangement for the title track and its seamless transition to “Idaho, America in 2049.”

The light, dreamlike melodies pass over you like cool breeze. In fact the use of sleigh bells does give it a wintery feel. The upbeat “We Don’t Have Any Cuts To Waste” recall ’90s pop of The Beautiful South and The Ocean Blue. Even a spritely cover of Tom Jones “It’s Not Unusual” featuring Liz Hunt, feels welcoming here. Overall a very satisfying release that will leave you wanting more.

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Adam Daniel “Pop, Baby”
L.A. songwriter and musician Adam Daniel hasn’t given us an album in over 12 years, but the memory of that debut Blue Pop was strong. Like a mix of Elton John and John Mayer, he storms out of the gate with “Summer’s Comin.” Next comes Adam’s statement on male romantic ambivalence with “In and Out Of Love,” a glossy pop single.

Adam varies his styles here, loud horn-guitar density with “Regret Shuffle,” and “Invisible” going in the opposite (softer) direction. Some great melodic tracks include “Your Gravity” and the ballad, “Lullaby.” It doesn’t always work, as “Dream Out Loud” has a ’90s AOR rock undertone that sounds dated. But there is enough here to recommend, as its more varied and dramatic than his debut.

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