Dizzy Bats and The Most

Dizzy Bats “Appendectomy” EP
Very much in the mold of 90’s era Weezer with a touch of Nirvana, the punk pop of Dizzy Bats does a good job on its opener “Angry Eyes” full of churning chords and hummable choruses. ”

These Kids I Teach.” is a bit more chaotic, a long rant to authority (I guess) in response to a slack teacher who “won’t let you f*ck with me.” It’s almost like a different band on the acoustic and horn “The Batman and the Joker,” very much in the style of The Barenaked Ladies. The title track takes us back to the punk pop world, and each track is enjoyable on its own. A worthy download.

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The Most “Auto-Destructive Art”
The Most are a compelling mix of classic Northern Soul and British Invasion Beat. Starting with the retro-rollicking “Problems All Around” its similar to the ’60s Van Morrison band Them, or The Animals. “Really Good” continues in this high energy style, with each hanging reverb and handclappin’ beat. The old school technique makes it sound genuine and you’d have no clue these dudes were from Sweden.

Each track hovers around the two minute mark, a highlight being “I Don’t Want It” with blaring horns channeling The Isley Brothers hit “Shout.” The mod pop side is done perfectly well on “So Wrong” and “Do You Wanna Know.” One of my favorites here is the more Byrdsian “Beat Girl,” I would encourage the band to follow this direction. Fans of The Kingsmen, The Pretty Things, early Who will also love this.