Video Review: Caro Emerald in Concert

Dutch songstress Caro Emerald is one of the most successful singers in Europe, and as I was listening to this concert, it occurred to me this wasn’t even close to what I normally listen to. She directs an 8 piece horn section with a mix of big-band and salsa pop. I gave this a try, not knowing what to expect.

Emerald is perhaps the most accessible retro-jazz/soul vocalist that I’ve heard recently. “Back It Up” is a perfect example of this, as she guides the horn section to a mix of scratching’ pop that flirts with hip-hop (almost) and it totally captivates the audience, getting them involved in the performance. While Adele currently rules this niche, I wouldn’t be shocked if Caro manages to steal the spotlight. This DVD performance is all the evidence you need.