Arthur Nasson and The Well Wishers

Arthur Nasson “West Cambridge Cowboys”
Nasson just finished playing IPO Boston, and I was shocked not to have heard him before. Clearly a lover of melodic pop in the Beatles meets Joe Jackson vein, starting with “She Was Never Really There,” the piano chords are accompanied by Nasson’s Lennonesque harmonies. “Watch Your Back Now” and “Phil’s Pony” are also great catchy songs with the unmistakeable Todd Rundgren influence. “Blind To Reason” is a bass heavy slice of electric guitar with a catchy beat.

“I’ve Got A Flanger In My Heart” is another dense guitar tune filled with echoing riffs and synths. Stylistically he keeps to the 60s through the 80s on most songs. He also has an inventive use of sound effects on the textured mid-tempo “From A Window On A Train.” At times the sonic experiments feel more like an indulgence, (“Robot Trouble” and “Auntie-Matter”) but they are mercifully short. Enough great tunes here to make this highly recommended listening.

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The Well Wishers “Dunwoody” EP
The brand new EP from San Francisco’s Jeff Shelton (aka The Well Wishers) encapsulates five acoustic styled vignettes of some mythical folk in Dunwoody, Georgia – a real suburb of Atlanta. In a change from the heavy rock of his other project  Hot Nun, this Well Wishers EP comes from a mellower melodic place.

“Peel Away” starts off with gentle acoustic and electric guitars to a bouncy pastoral melody. This style continues on “Good Luck” another optimistic love song with some a gentle harmonies in the chorus. Next “Real Today” and “Open Up Your Eyes” are more standard Well Wishers jangle-pop. Overall, the wonderful melodic compositions without any filler, makes a great holiday gift. Highly Recommended.

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