Goodfellows “The Name of These Girls”

Normally I would not recommend an album that isn’t available in the US, but for the power pop fanatic this one is worth seeking out. From Madrid, Spain the Goodfellows have a history of inventive packaging, and excellent songs. The latest LP, The Name of These Girls disc is lovingly packed in an actual denim jean pocket.

Musically, the band follows a traditional power pop template, very similar to Teenage Fanclub and The Gin Blossoms. Starting with “Virginia,” it isn’t revolutionary, but a steady jangle pop opening. The band ups it’s game with “Rocket Girl” by getting an assist from the legendary Paul Collins adding his vocals/guitar in the second verse. Lead vocalist Gabriel Palmer doesn’t have the strongest pipes, but the song composition and instrumentation go a long way on the Beatlesque “I’m Coming Back to You” and the guitar crunchiness of “Marianne.” The highlight of the album for me is “Just A Minute,” with a perfect chorus worthy of The Wonders. Lots of references to musical nostalgia are themes to songs like “Happy Days,” “Good Old Days” and even the lone short ballad “Times Are Never Changing.” Keep up the great work amigos!
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This is footage from a recent concert in Madrid, to listen to the album visit Rock Indiana.

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