Kelly Jones and Little Anchor

Kelly Jones “Alta Loma” After thrilling us with her collaborations with Mike Viola on SheBang! and Melon,Melon– Kelly Jones bares her soul on the personal Alta Loma. Starting with “Right Hand Man” it evokes the sensitive spirit of Dan Fogelberg and Joni Mitchell with its acoustic guitar lead and subtle slide guitar accents. The album is full of intimate musical musings, a perfect example is “Limbo” with dreams “rolling out the window.” The melodies are subtle, and invite contemplation with rich lyrical imagery. “Idyllwild,” “Love Dynamo” and “Funny Old Way” are the thoughts of a mature woman’s point of view on romance. Other songs deal with the passage of time (“Old House”) and spiritual faith (“Unanswered Questions.”) So cuddle up with a hot cup of tea and listen to Kelly’s angelic voice. Highly Recommended.

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Little Anchor “Floating Bridges” Miss the summer weather? I know I do, but Brooklyn-based foursome Little Anchor has a new album that will bring those summer memories back. Lead vocalist Alexa Cabellon has a clear smooth voice that brings each tune to life, starting with “Alive” it showcases the angular guitar progressions and sing along chorus. The songs gradually get more personal, with the ethereal ambiance of “Carolina Waits” and the slower duet of “Mailman.” The tempo is more playful on “If I Wanted To” as Alexa’s joyous voice “couldn’t hide it if I wanted to” chorus make it a catchy gem. “Over and Over” is a grand dramatic tune, with sweeping piano chords that tell me this is a band to keep your eye on.