David Bash’s Top 100 List!

David Bash reviews a ton of bands for his International Pop Overthrow festival across the USA and overseas. So he’s the big kahuna when it comes to discovering power pop bands. He recently posted his top 100, so here it is re-posted. Our lists overlap in areas and many of these artists I did review (just search).

1. Mothboxer-Three (Self-Released)
2. Ben Jones & The Rifle Volunteers-Shangri La (Rifle Tone)
3. Nick Piunti-13 In My Head (Self-Released)
4. The Maureens-The Maureens (Self-Released)
5. The Grapes Of Wrath-High Road (Aporia)
6. Lee And The Lovedaddies-Lee And The Lovedaddies (Self-Released) *
7. The Resonars-Crummy Desert Sound (Burger) *
8. Neighbours-Prime Numbers (Get Hip)
9. Shake Some Action!-Full Fathom Five (Sattelite 451)
10. Alfa 9-Gone To Ground (Blow Up)
11. The Nines-The Nines (TAS Gold)
12. Glenn Case-Throw Money (Self-Released)
13. Wiretree-Get Up (Self-Released)
14. Miles Kane-Don’t Forget Who You Are (Sony)
15. Phenomenal Cat-Postcards From The British Empire (Self-Released)
16. Greg Pope-Pop Motion Animation (Octoberville)
17. Liar’s Club-Come And Go (Charlatan)
18. Surf School Dropouts-Summer Is A State Of Mind (Sunny Day) *
19. Eureka Machines-Remain In Hope (Wrath)
20. Ulysses-Kill You Again (Black Glove)
21. Agony Aunts-Big Cinnamon (Mystery Lawn Music)
22. The Cherry Bluestorms-Bad Penny Opera (Roundhouse)
23. Groovy Uncle featuring Suzi Chunk-One Vowel Away From The Truth (Trouserphonic)
24. Mikal Cronin-MC II (Merge)
25. The Sun Sawed In ½-Elephants Into Swans (Self-Released)
26. King Washington-The Overload (Self-Released)
27. The Connection-Let It Rock! (King Yum)
28. Brendan Benson-You Were Right (Readymade)
29. The Most-Auto Destructive Art (CopaseDisques)
30. Eric Barao-Eric Barao (Self-Released)
31. The Popdogs-Cool Cats For Pop Dogs (Self-Released)
32. Radio Days-Get Some Action (Rock Indiana)
33. Adam Marsland-The Owl And The Full Moon (Karma Frog)
34. London Egg-If It Takes Forever (Self-Released)
35. Michael Mazzarella-Love In Laureltide Green (Angelica)
36. The Bottle Kids-Such A Thrill (Kool Kat)
37. Vegas With Randolph-Rings Around The Sun (Caged Giant)
38. Dynamo Bliss-Poplar Music (Self-Released)
39. The Cherry Drops-Everything’s Groovy (Musick)
40. Jacco Gardner-Cabinet Of Curiosities (Trouble In Mind)
41.Stephen Lawrenson-Obscuriosity (Kool Kat)
42. Harper Simon-Division Street (PIAS)
43. The Orange Peels-Sun Moon (Mystery Lawn)
44. The Playmates-Soul Cookin’ (Green River)
45. Wyatt Funderburk-Novel And Profane (JollyRonnie)
46. Phil Angotti-Life And Rhymes (ouR House)
47. Lisa Mychols-Above, Beyond & In Between (Vandalay)
48. Paul Bertolino-Where The Buildings Hit The Sky (Self-Released)
49. Raymond Meade-Fables And Follies (Self-Released)
50. Schnauser-Where Business Meets Fashion (Self-Released)
51. Maxi Dunn-Edmund & Leo (Dabooboo)
52. Scissors & The Cuts-3 July (Trashy Creatures)
53. Gleeson-Gleeson II (Almost There)
54. Andy Klingensmith-Pictures Of (Futureman) **
55. The Mergers-Monkey See Monkey Do! (Soundflat)
56. David Brookings-The Maze (Byar)
57. Laurie Biagini-Sanctuary Of Sound (Self-Released)
58. Colleen Green-Sock In To Me (Hardly Art)
59. 8×8-Azalia’s Room (Self-Released)
60. Dana Countryman-Pop! The Incredible, Fantastic Retro Pop World Of… (Self-Released)
61. The Yum Yums-…Play Good Music (Screaming Apple) *
62. The Histrionics-Cannon (Self-Released)
63. Third Of Never-Downrising (Jam)
64. John LT-Suburban Superstar (Mother West)
65. Secret Friend-Time Machine (Odd Tunes)
66. Jackdaw4-Dissecticide (Too Many Robots)
67. Bubblegum Orchestra-The Discovery (Out Of This World)
68. Of Montreal-Lousy With Sylvianbriar (Polyvinylrecords)
69. Chris Degnore and The Black Drops-Cinema (Self-Released)
70. The Junior League-You Should Be Happy (Greenleaves)
71. Corin Ashley-New Lion Terraces (Murray Hill)
72. Sugar Stems-Can’t Wait (Screaming Apple) *
73. Smith Westerns-Soft Will (Mom & Pop)
74. The Temponauts-The Canticle Of The Temponauts (Other Eyes)
75. The Bye Bye Blackbirds-We Need The Rain (Self-Released)
76. Tudor Lodge-Stay (Cast Iron)
77. The Tor Guides-Lots Of The Pops! Volume 1: Caught In A Sweet Refrain (Digit)
78. Adam Daniel-Pop Baby (Self-Released)
79. Andrea Perry-Four (Self-Released)
80. Beachwood Sparks-Desert Skies (Alive)
81. Paul McCartney-New (Concord)
82. Fonda-Sell Your Memories (Minty Fresh)
83. Beady Eye-Be (Sony)
84. The 88-Fortune Teller (Self-Released)
85. The Beat Rats-Have Mersey! (Cavern/Kool Kat)
86. Magic Eight Ball-Sorry We’re Late But We’re Worth The Wait (Magic Cat)
87. The American Professionals-We Make It Our Business (Charlie In The Box)
88. Et Tu Brucé-Suburban Sunshine (Worldwide)
89. Joe Symes & The Loving Kind-Joe Symes & The Loving Kind (Truly Independent)
90. Esa Linna-This Is Who I Am (Teosto)
91. Richard X. Heyman-Richard X. Heyman (Turn-Up)
92. The Bamboo Trading Co.-The Bamboo Trading Co. (Self-Released)
93. The Contrast-A Sinister Flick (Angel Air)
94. Nektar-Time Machine (Purple Pyramid)
95. Goodfellows-The Name Of These Girls (Self-Released)
96. Blue Cartoon-Are You Getting On? (Aardvark)
97. JoDee Purkeypile-Messenger (Self-Released)
98. NRWY-Negatives (Self-Released) *
99. Mount Pressmore-Enjoy (Self-Released)
100. Pete MacLeod-Rolling Stone (359 Music)

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  1. Did Richard X. Heyman release another album while I wasn’t looking (doubtful), or should that actually just be “X”?

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