Sidney York and The Sharp Things

Sidney York

Sidney York “<3” EP
Canadian band Sidney York is the musical collaboration between opera singer Brandi Sidoryk and bassoonist Krista Wodelet. Combine the quirkiness of a Zooey Deschanel with the power of a PJ Harvey or Katy Perry and you get the idea. The opening single “Dick and Jane” is super catchy and “Hearts” is another great tune that lingers in your head. The combo of synths and layered instrumentation along with the Brandi’s pitch perfect vocals make this duo a band to keep your eye on.

Sidney York

The Sharp Things “The Truth Is Like The Sun
Brooklyn-based chamber pop band the Sharp Things already made a statement with Green is Good early last year. The first half of this album is a grand choral starting with “Can’t Get Started”  and the folk sing along ballad “Lulubelle” set the mood. It gets soulful on “Flesh and Bone,” with the rich instrumentation and multi-part harmonies. The earnest songwriting draws from influences like Pet Sounds, Elton John and Carole King.

Lead vocalist Perry Serpa is now surrounded by an ensemble that makes these songs work. “The Last Hymn” has a wonderful prayer-like quality similar to The Association. Other than the obligatory rocker “Playing The Benelux,” the band is happy to radiate the feel good romantic vibe (“Light in My Harbor.”)  Even the finale “All My Love To You” has a late Beatles “Let It Be” styled piano intro. Feel the love and listen in.