Orgone Box “Centaur”

Normally I don’t review re-issues, but in this case its a rare classic that didn’t get promoted properly to the power pop community. Quoted by critics as “…power pop perfection from the legendary Rick Corcoran that sneaked out in the ’90s. The missing link between Teenage Fanclub and The Beatles!” Cocoroan felt that the original album was badly mastered, and Sugarbush Records decided it was time that the world had another chance to digest this exquisite psychedelic pop treat.

This gave Corcoran the opportunity to tweak, remix and re-record some vocals. What we have now is a definitive version. The slowly building “Anaesthesia” is a sweeping psychedelic pop anthem with new wave elements embedded within. Corcoran does the perfect power pop single with “Ticket With No Return” containing a hummable earworm in the chorus. Tough to pick a few highlights, as every track rocks. Unlike the original releases DIY approach, these new mixes sound both startlingly contemporary and far more authentically vintage sixties at the same time. For fans of Cotton Mather, Anton Barbeau and Beaulieu Porch this is an essential “must-have” album.

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