Twins and Doug Gillard

Twins “Tomboys On Parade”
Twins wave their power pop flags high, and produce a rocking happy-go-lucky style of music that’s easy to fall in love with. “Teach Each Other,” follows the Big Star tradition of intricate melodies, memorable riffs and clear harmonies. “Long Way Down” has another catchy riff, with enough quirky vocal styling to keep it interesting.

“Thankful” is downright bizarre lyrically and vocally the harmonies remind me of The Loving Spoonfuls. “Babe City” also has a optimistic, almost inebriated approach with heavy riffs and “ba, ba, ba” choruses. Even the Kinks-like ditty “Ardsley Lane” is a joyful acoustic gem. Like the video we posted last month, this is an infectious fun party album. Highly Recommended.




Doug Gillard “Parade On”
Doug Gillard is one of those special musicians not enough people pay attention to, and should. He’s played with Guided By Voices, Nada Surf, Lifeguards, Death Of Samantha, Gem, Bambi Kino, Sally Crewe, Mascott, and many more. With Parade On, he starts with the best George Harrison song he never wrote “Ready For Death” a catchy hummable melody about the inevitable. “Angel X” is a fast paced tune with some great layered keys and amazing guitarwork.

The melodic subtleties of “I Shall Not Want” remind me of Alan Parsons a bit. Both “Come Out and Show Me” and “No Perspective” have some obvious GBV fingerprints. One of the best songs here is “Oh My Little Girl,” a  jangle-filled melody, that could’ve used a more forceful vocal but still shines bright. The title track is another catchy earworm that you’ll find yourself humming along to. The flat production doesn’t always benefit the songs, but that said its a fine collection of tunes worth your time.