Phonograph and David Myhr

Phonograph “Phonograph Vol 1”
UK based band is lead by guitarist/songwriter team of Paul Campbell and Terence O’Mahony. The opener “She Knows It” is a classic power pop structure, similar in style to Badfinger and Teenage Fanclub. One of my favorites here is  “Waiting For The Sun” with its minor chords and “la do da” chorus, and the Beatlesque “You Don’t Bring Me Down” is another catchy gem. And the “hits” keep coming.

The ballad “Losing My Nerve’ has echoes of John Lennon, and “California” has a driving guitar strum that’s perfect for the road. No filler either as each song earns repeat plays. Overall this band’s sound compares well with Taylor Locke and Cirrone and it deserves a spot in my year end top ten. Interesting fact: Some eagle-eyed readers noticed that the songs were created in 2001, but they are just released this year. Originally these songs were meant to be published on the band’s own label, Big Red Records. But after gaining the attention of some major labels, they put off the idea and started shopping for a big record deal. It fell through and the band broke up, leading to Paul and Terence to finally release the LP on Bandcamp.



David Myhr “Record Collection” EP
After 2012’s amazing Soundshine, David Myhr (Merrymakers) delivers a few sticky sweet treats with this EP.  Three of the songs also feature the work of Japanese power pop band Puffy AmiYumi. The title track was originally released on the Japanese edition of Soundshine, so it’s good to finally hear that powerful hook and bouncy chorus, perfect for chasing the blues away. “You Stole My Heart Away” was written specifically for Puffy with a sticky “ba ba ba” chorus and shifting key changes.

“Boom Boom Beat” is a pretty good guitar driven rocker, with the backing vocals it feels like a kids rock anthem. . The 10cc cover of “The Things We Do For Love” was David’s entry for the Drink A Toast To Innocence: A Tribute To Lite Rock  album. An Abbey Road version of “Never Mine” is included here as well, and overall a terrific EP without a wasted note, it’s super highly recommended!

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3 thoughts to “Phonograph and David Myhr”

  1. Great catch! Love the blog; sorry it took me so long to say it. That said, besides Badfinger, Phonograph reminds me of Cotton Mather at times, in a very good way.

  2. Good question. Looks like old songs finally seeing the light of day to me. I put forth the question to Paul Campbell.

  3. What’s the backstory on that Phonograph record? The Bandcamp page shows the songs as written/recorded in 2000/2001. Is this essentially a “reissue” of a 13 year old album, or songs written/recorded long ago that are just now seeing the light of day?

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