The Unswept and Goodman

The Unswept “The Unswept”
The Unswept are the O’Brien cousins, Ryan, Charlie and Liz from Chicago, playing and singing power pop with plenty of jangle and enthusiasm. We reviewed the band’s debut last year. The band does pick some choice covers. You gotta love the fun, poppy spirit here on Nick Lowe’s “So It Goes,” and Marshall Crenshaw’s “Cynical Girl.” And the La’s “I Can’t Sleep” and The Rutles “I Must Be In Love” are well played. Originals like “She’s So Cool” and “Certain Flowers” seamlessly integrate here, next time I hope to hear an entire album of originals. This makes good weekend music for sure.

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Goodman “Isn’t It Sad”
NYC’s Michael Goodman sophomore LP packs some big punches, just the title track is part Paul Collins and part Ben Kweller. “Isn’t it sad to be goin’ it alone?” he chimes and much of the tracks are the interplay of loneliness and longing for the “Blue Eyed Girl.” This is your bread and butter of power pop and it’s done well enough to merit repeat plays. “I’ll Live Without Your Love” has some nice intervown vocals and good composition. “This Is Our Youth” boasts some solid guitarwork and makes a pretty good anthem. It runs out of hooks in the second half with the notable exception of the rocking’ “Like What They Like.” After this the tone of the last three tracks adds more subtlety and atmosphere. Pick and play your favorites here.