The Click Beatles and The Crush

The Click Beatles “Wake Up To Music”
The multi-talented Dan Pavelich is both a cartoonist and a musician. His first solo LP on Vandalay Music implies that this is another Fab Faux styled album, but no — its only has one Beatles tribute song. A labor of love for the past few years, it bares the stylistic fingerprints of Dan’s mentors: Jamie Hoover (The Spongetones) and Jeff Murphy (The Shoes).

“Shut The TV Down” is a great mantra for the couch potato in your life, and the rock energy on “Tell Me How You Feel” flows really well, both have an ’80s new wave-ish sound. The jangle melodies are turned up a notch for “Bubblegum,” and my favorite tune is the sweet “Try Girl,” with its hand claps and minor chords. Dan gets a bit darker on “Ever Since The World Began” and the horn-fueled “I Never Said Goodbye” was co-penned by Lisa Mychols.  A pretty cool release sure to please power pop fans everywhere.

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The Crush “Future Blimps” EP
Loved the debut EP and this new EP continues the fun. “Never Gonna Stop” is a catchy as hell riff with lead singer Kira Wilson sounding a bit like Debbie Harry.  The dual tracking harmonies add more dimension to “Around, ” and the garage styled opening on “Better and Better” and “It’s Love” recall The Clash and Paul Collins in spots. This is no-frills rock and roll, done just right and at $3 on Bandcamp it’s a sweet bargain. Enjoy!