The Paul and John “Inner Sunset”

No, its not any Beatles or biblical Apostles, but Paul Myers (The Gravelberrys) and John Moremen (The Orange Peels). Written over the past three years in San Francisco, then recorded at Allen Clapp’s Studio in Sunnyvale, CA. The Paul & John’s new LP is anchored by the excellent single “Everything Comes Together” with its SoCal hook and catchy sing-along melody. “Long Way Back” is a bit rougher rock, like Springsteen meets The Smithereens. The harmonies work well there, but they really shine on the slow tempo ballad “How ‘Bout That.” The title track is another winner, full of optimistic lyrics and layered guitars, its Brit-pop melody pleads “don’t let the darkness drag you down.”

Myers lyrical prowess is solid with the jangle-filled “Brickland,” a wonderful picturesque song and Moreman does a brilliant job on the multi-chorded “Can’t Be Too Careful.” Nothing here misses the mark, and its all conceived an a very deliberate way, with the album being bookended by two short ballads, the Paul Simon-ish “Inner Sunrise” and “Inner Sundown.” Highly Recommended and added to my top ten list for 2014.

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3 thoughts to “The Paul and John “Inner Sunset””

  1. Paul and John,
    So grateful to hear your music. Nicely mixed! Thanks for sharing your talents and love of life with us. Fun, insightful music for adults yes!
    Ordering a few more copies for gifts.
    How ’bout that.

  2. THANK YOU so much for your kind words about our music. You “get it” and we’re grateful about that.

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