Help Support these bands!

Two more projects, I wanted to bring to your attention:

Yorktown Lads are a power-pop band ready to release their first album, but they need your help to release it on vinyl! Endorsed by my buddy John Borack (noted author and drummer for Honeychain) so you know it’ll be worth it.


Somerville-based band Parks is the next logical step for Brian E. King (Oranjuly) its richer in sound and is one of those albums I can’t wait to hear. The samples are sure tempting.

One thought to “Help Support these bands!”

  1. One third of the Yorktown Lads is also none other than Michael Simmons of Sparkle*Jets U.K. (he wrote and sings on a third of the songs or so I think, and otherwise plays drums I believe?). We haven’t heard from them in far too long, and his solo covers discs are a delight.

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