The Posies “Failure”

Special re-mastered edition of The Posies debut album out now!

Back in 1988, teenagers Jonathan Auer and Ken Stringfellow created a demo tape that they handed out at shows. Created at Jon’s makeshift 8-track studio in his parents TV room, little did they realize they were making power pop history. Despite some inexperienced quirks, the band has the Posies sound-craft fully realized on the second track “The Longest Line” with guitar hooks, catchy melody and sunny harmonies. The talent was evident, as this was the best DIY power pop debut since The Shoes.

Most of the album is a flawless mix of influences old (The Hollies) and new (XTC) from the epic “Under Easy” to the guitar jangle genius of “I May Hate You Sometimes.” Although this wasn’t as widely heard or finely produced as later Posies albums, it still resonates with old fans and sounds as fresh today as it did back then. This edition comes with 8 bonus tracks and a little booklet with old reviews and notes. Highly recommended, of course!