Immigrant Union and Gay Elvis

Martin Carr

Immigrant Union “Anyway”

Immigrant Union, an Australian alt-country band lead by Brent DeBoer (The Dandy Warhols) and Bob Harrow (The Lazy Sons) have released their second LP in advance of a US Tour. The mix of songs have elements of folk, psyche and pop done with a fair amount of Byrdsian jangle and steel pedal guitar.

Starting with “Shameless” its a little like The Jayhawks, leaning on the steady rhythm as the focal point. The folky “Alison” is a major highlight, an ear-worm that burrows into your head about a guy who finally realizes he’s being taken advantage of by his girlfriend. “I Can’t Return” is another gem with a memorable chorus that gets denser as it goes along. “Wake Up And Cry” starts with a circular arpeggio that reminds me a little of The La’s played at half speed. This review continues on The Seattle Post-Intelligencer website.


Readymade Breakup

Gay Elvis “Has Left The Building” EP

Gay Elvis is the name of the bass player from Readymade Breakup, and its also the name of the new side project for the band. After posting a free single “Morning Cigarette,” in 2012 its been quiet until this newly minted EP. “Good Man” is a pretty sweet starting track, with Gay Elvis and Paul Rosevear playing their vocals off each other and the dramatic guitar licks – it all ends too soon.

“Sing when I’m Alone” is another quality song with some standout drumming by John Leidersdorf between choruses. Fans of Readymade breakup will easily enjoy this and the slow rock-blues anthem “Lucky.” It’s a fresh direction for the band, and best of all this EP is absolutely FREE, so scoop it up while its still on Bandcamp.