We Are Catchers and The Yorktown Lads

TWe Are Catchers

We Are Catchers “We Are Catchers”

If the Beach Boys grew up a stone’s throw from Liverpool they might have sounded like We Are Catchers. The smooth echoing piano leads the opener “Water Edge” as lead vocalist Peter Jackson’s melody captivates. Next, “Tap Tap Tap” and “If You Decide” employ the Phil Spector Wall-of-Sound technique very effectively.

The Coral’s Bill Ryder-Jones gives Jackson an assist on several tracks, and when things slow down on “Over The Hill” its just mesmerizing with those harmonies and bass guitar. Nothing here is that innovative, but when the old techniques are done with this much care, it makes it all worth it.
power pop

Yorktown Lads

Yorktown Lads “$200” EP

During the kickstarter campaign for The Yorktown Lads debut LP “any patrons that donated $200 got a ‘reward’ of a special song in their honor. First is a song about Tall Boy Records entrepreneur “Anna Borg,” really a catchy gem and all the lyrics were based on her Facebook profile!

“Ping Pong” highlights the band’s soft vocal harmonies and “Carpet Kit” is a dead ringer for a Fountains of Wayne song. “Best Side Of Me” was written by Howard Herrick (Minster Hill) and has a great jangle vibe. Listening to this really has me excited to review the upcoming debut. Bandcamp Only and highly recommended.
power pop