David Bash’s Top Ten Power Pop Albums and more

DavidBashAs you might know, International Pop Overthrow CEO and Founder David Bash has an extensive list of the years best power pop music in several categories. I will only showcase his “top ten” on this post, but you can read the entire list of his Top 125 albums here.

He also gets into the Top EPs, Top Live albums,  Top Compilations, Tributes, Re-issues, etc.  so definitely check out that list. I found many on my year end list also part of his. Here is David’s top ten:

  1. Spirit Kid-Is Happening (EZ Beats)
  2. Linus Of Hollywood-Something Good (Magic Beach)
  3. The See See-Once, Forever and Again (Dell’Orso)
  4. The Paul & John-Inner Sunset (Mystery Lawn)
  5. Mothboxer-Sand and The Rain  (Self-Released)
  6. The Bobbleheads-Make Yourself Happy (Poppop)
  7. The Wicked Whispers-Maps Of The Mystic (Electone)
  8. Temples-Sun Structures (Fat Possum)
  9. The Dowling Poole-Bleak Strategies  (Sugarbush)
  10. The Jigsaw Seen-Old Man Reverb (Vibro-Phonic)
    (continue to the rest of the list…)

2 thoughts to “David Bash’s Top Ten Power Pop Albums and more”

  1. Wow. There are some crackers on this list!

    I take your point about download only releases, David. I’ve just released my album as download only for now (via CD Baby), but am considering a move to CD shortly.

    Hopefully there’ll be a review of the tracks on here soon, in the meantime all tracks are available to listen on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/markbritton/sets/odds-and-sodd

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