Emerging Artists: The Low Dose, Zaina, Janet Devlin, and AJR

Already a new group of releases have hit my desk, but before I get to it I wanted to post some new artists that may get some traction this year. Some have music available, and some just have a single. It’s a diverse group of styles, but you may like it!

New Jersey’s The Low Doses are lead by guitarist/singer/vocalist Ryan Masterson and bassist Joi La Cour are working on their debut album. This is the first single from it.

The girl with the purple hair is Zaina. While most of her work is soul or hip hop, this nicely written ballad caught my attention. Her voice is just mesmerizing. Hear more on Soundcloud.

Northern Irish singer-songwriter Janet Devlin grew up outside the village of Gortin in County Tyrone, the only girl and youngest of four in her family. Inspired by bands such as Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Janet learned to play the guitar and write her own songs at a young age. Check out Running With Scissors

Indie pop trio AJR had an EP drop this past September, and a full length is due in early March. They reminded me a little of Sunday Sun with their youthful energy. This is the new single “Infinity.” Infinity – EP

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