Mothboxer and The Vickers


Mothboxer “We’re All Out Of Our Minds” EP

It seems we just finished listening to Mothboxer’s latest LP which made our year end list, when an equally awesome and groovy EP shows up. “We’re All Out Of Our Minds” has Dave Ody doing his Lennonesque pop confection from Sand and The Rain plus three bonus tracks. “One Day At A Time” is a little more measured till we get to the thick chorus. “I’m Working” is a music hall piano melody that fans of the new Dowling Poole album with enjoy. “Laughing Out Loud” is slow tempo epic with a circus like atmosphere and it fits nicely here. Each track shines and overall this is a highly recommended addition to your Mothboxer collection.
power pop

The Vickers

The Vickers “Ghosts”

An Italian band, The Vickers will take you on a musical kaleidoscopic journey chock full of spatial guitars, keyboards, and whirling bass lines. This psyche pop album starts with the dynamic “She’s Lost,” a good mix of Beatles and Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd.

The echoing fuzz of “I Don’t Know What It Is” builds as it continues, then trails off into a slow jam punctuated by a guitar solos. The Vickers also have a garage-styled punk sensibility on “All I Need” with its swirling rhythms and fuzzed vocals. “Here Me Now” sounds a little more modern, but its no less hypnotic.  Additional highlights include the Beatlesque “Walking On A Rope” and the lighter than air title track. This is most definitely an album to check out on your best set of headphones in a darkened room. Worth multiple listens it could become your favorite head-trip.
power pop
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