Kyle Vincent “Detour”

Kyle Vincent

Kyle Vincent is labeled as the “crown prince of soft pop,” by Goldmine Magazine for a good reason. He is probably one of the best pop vocalist singing today, and after his kid’s imitation Ed Sullivan intro he breaks into song on “Happy Me.” Kyle’s vocals sparkle along the chorus, with its multi-track backing and catchy verse making it one of the highlights. “Too Much Time In My Head” is a little quieter, introspective pop along a jangling guitar accompaniment, about “not wasting another day.” What stands out here is the way a soft pop ballad is perfected through Vincent’s mastery of lyric and vocal range. “Sometimes I Don’t Miss You” is another epic that stands alongside Eric Carmen with its depth and emotion.

The tempo and sanguine tone remain the same for much of the album, as Kyle croons out each sad expression and longing sigh. Exceptional examples are sparse “This Bed” and the title track. While some may find the themes a bit melodramatic, only someone like Kyle can pull this off correctly. Occasionally we get the bouncing catchy pop of “Forget You Girl” or the layered sophistication of “A Rock In My Shoe” and “San Francisco.” You’ll hear influences from Burt Bacharach, Barry Manilow, and Elton John. As far as adult contemporary pop goes, this is the LP to get and savor.
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