Sam Vicari “Giving Up”

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Sam Vicari “Giving Up”

Its good to hear Sam Vicari again, as he’s clearly at the top of his game. Opening with simple fuzz guitar and harmonies on “Little Stones” it’s a Green Day-ish prelude to the album, where he lets loose on the first big single here “All and Everyday,” a memorable melody that’s “tired of winter, get used to early summer.” And it would be a perfect tune to play loud in your convertible.

Each song crackles with energy, “Pacific Northwesterner” is another compelling melody with biting riffs similar to Matthew Sweet. “Loser Dream” goes on about the girl he loves (even though she’s asleep). The sparse instrumentation of “Just Enough” plays out long enough till the loud monster chorus kicks in and the dense “Still Not Sure” is a full of ringing guitars and a bouncy beat. No filler here and each song stands as proof of Vicari’s amazing talent. Highly recommended and added to my top ten nominations list this year!
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Sam Vicari – All and Everyday (Official Video) from Sam Vicari on Vimeo.